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Music P —  2023 / 3 Tracks / Endless City Records

Music P Unveils “Munich City EP Vol.1”: A Sonic Journey of Emotion and Inspiration

Endless City Records proudly presents the debut of “Munich City EP Vol.1” by the exceptionally talented DJ, producer, and songwriter, Music P. Hailing from Munich, a rising star, captivating listeners with his heartfelt vocals, ingenious songwriting, and the ability to craft exceptional electronic music.

Munich City EP Vol.1 – Tracklist:

  • Alive (feat. Victor Perry) – A collaborative masterpiece that melds Music P’s electronic finesse with Victor Perry’s captivating vocals, creating a spellbinding journey.
  • Keep Going – Reflecting Music P’s personal growth, this track blends guitar layers and vibrant arpeggios while delivering an inspiring message of perseverance.
  • Ibiza No.2 – An energetic, arp-driven track that captures the energy of Ibiza’s landscapes, inviting listeners to join a musical exploration.

The EP kicks off “Alive,” a collaboration between Music P and NYC-based singer-songwriter/vocalist Victor Perry. Expressing his excitement, Music P shares, “I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Vic once again, he is an extraordinary individual, a gifted musician, and an incredible vocalist.” The standout feature of this track lies in the mesmerizing moment when Perry’s vocals seamlessly transition from a lower octave into his signature voice, leaving listeners awestruck by its sheer brilliance. His vocal prowess has drawn comparisons to iconic artists like Michael Jackson and The Weeknd. Victor Perry’s cumulative streaming record surpasses 80 million across various digital platforms, a testament to his undeniable appeal.

Keep Going, reflects Music P’s creative evolution during the pandemic. He reveals, “During the challenging times of Covid, I decided to teach myself how to play the guitar. In ‘Keep Going,’ I’ve layered three guitar tracks to harmonize with vibrant arpeggios. This track reflects my deeper engagement with fitness, spirituality, breathing techniques, and self-awareness. The lyrics serve as a reminder to keep pushing forward, especially during tough times, and to remember the power of breathing.”

Ibiza No.2,” the second track, transports audiences on a musical journey. As Music P puts it, “Imagine returning from the vibrant landscapes of Ibiza to Germany, carrying a backpack brimming with newfound inspiration. A few moons ago, I crafted this arp-driven, progressively dynamic track inspired by the beauty of Ibiza. It’s a sonic journey that encapsulates the essence of the island.

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